12th Pitfall! Record Holder Dedicates Gameplay To Trump

Professional Video Game World Record Holder Rudy J. Ferretti Dedicates Gaming Feat To President Donald J. Trump

Rudy’s video game accolades are many, but his most recent accomplishment of completing Activision’s Pitfall! for the Atari 2600 might end up being one of his most notable after dedicating the feat to his the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. The Gaming Free Press recently spoke to Rudy about Pitfall!, Trump, and widespread cheating in eSports.

Gaming Free Press: Tell us about this perfect Pitfall! game that you recently achieved:
Rudy J. Ferretti: [In Pitfall!] Perfect is a max score.  A dual perfect is no lives lost and a max score.  On my run I lost one life but still received a max score.  I’ll get both soon.

GFP: How much practice did this take?
RJF: About 7 to 8 hours over a serious two day span, there’s a pattern. I lost a life early in the game, otherwise it would have been a perfect run.  I’ll do the double perfect soon.  But next I’ll probably max out Tomboy on the Atari 2600.  Its like Pitfall! but is easier, the crocs are lillypads.  I’ll be the first man to max out a woman’s game.

GFP: You’re an avid Trump supporter. You dedicated this Pitfall! gameplay to Trump so do you believe Trump supports are better gamer’s than non-trump supporters?
RFJ: [laughing] I’ll let you decide that one, I hope so but sadly that might not be the case.

GFP: Would you say that Trump has the drive and determination to be a world class gamer?
RFJ: Yes, Trump likes to win and not lose and like Trump we both have accomplished many things YET others only look at our marginal failures.

GFP: Any thoughts on the wide spread cheating in eSports?
RFJ: People are starting to come around, they are starting to reach out to me and say, “Hey Rudy, you were right.” I’ve been right for years, there is wide spread cheating, there are referees who colluded against world class gamers like me. They put in bogus scores, they put in scores of their family and friends, it’s disgusting. Some of these scores, they are being investigated right now as we speak. It might just all be a publicity stunt, but people are starting to open their eyes and see that there are just too many frauds out there.

GFP: Lastly, we hear you’re selling your gaming collection, what can you tell us about that?
RFP: Yes, the entire collection from different consoles, but no systems, controllers, or accessories – games only.

If interested in purchasing Rudy’s collection please leave a comment below.

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