22% Of Children Are Conceived After Parents Watch A DrDisRespect Stream

Study: The Face Of Twitch, DrDisRespect Inadvertently Encourages 22% Of All Children Conceived In 2018

The Blackforest Journal Of Medicine released a shocking study today declaring that 22% of all currently expecting parents in the United States conceived immediately after watching a DrDisrespect live stream on Twitch.

Dr. Chang Rabini, the doctor who conducted the study surveyed 26,000 expecting couples and asked what the circumstances were of their baby’s conception.  In an exclusive interview with the Gaming Free Press, Dr. Rabini stated “While “Netflix and Chill” took the top spot last year with 15% of all U.S. conceptions, the man that every man longs to be, a two-time video game champion, and the most popular streamer on Twitch has taken the new crown.  5,711 couples reported that the last activity they engaged in was watching Dr. Disrespect.”

The full study is expected to be released to the public on June 9th.

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