$299 PS4 Price Cut To Be Announced At E3?

PlayStation 4 Price Cut

PlayStation 4 Price Cut

Sony expected to announce a massive PS4 Price Cut, bringing the MSRP down to $299.

Although E3 is the place to announce new games and new hardware, the main scoop this year might be Sony’s plans to announce a massive price drop for the PlayStation 4.

While Sony continues to dominate this generation’s console war Microsoft’s Xbox has gotten in several good digs simply by pushing price drops. ┬áNow, a year and a half after the launch of the PS4, gamers everywhere might see the price drop to $299.

This is great news for gamers who still haven’t jumped on to this generation’s bandwagon, but its bad news for those who’ve already been to the party as they are now out the $100 and we don’t expect Sony to make any accommodations for those early adopters any time soon.

The Gaming Free Press will be embedded in the E3 festivities this year reporting on this, and many other stores.

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