5 Things Gamers Hate About GameStop

gamestop-logoAdmit it, we all hate GameStop.  We cringe when we have legitimate business in one.  The following is more for fun (j/k GameStop we do hate you!)  Here are five of the most common complaints about those popular Black, Red, and white stores:


  1. Arrogant Employees – If you think the clerks at the perfume or make-up counter in a Neiman Marcus are snooty trot down to your local Gamestop to receive a schooling on why everything you know and like about video games are wrong.  We get it, you need to push merchandise but that can be done with out belittling our purchases or shrugging your shoulders and rattling your head back and forth when we don’t want your service plan.
  2. Cramped Stores – If you’re in a wheel chair don’t even bother going inside a GameStop if there are more than 3 customers already inside.  Most of the stores are marginally larger than a McDonald’s restroom (see smell below).
  3. Advertisements Everywhere – Why does GameStop feel compelled to wallpaper their stores with the same ad over and over? PlayStation: Greatness Awaits?  That was two years ago buddy.  It’s not GameStop unless there is a sun bleached Halo ad in the window.
  4. The Smell – Sometimes its just sweat and terrible body odor.  Sometimes its In-N-Out with extra onions that the employee was chomping on.  Sometimes its that 1990’s carpet.  Each GameStop location has its own distinct stench, and none of them are ever pleasant.
  5. The Phone That Won’t Stop Ringing – who the hell calls GameStop anyways?  Hours, location, and stock information is available on the website.  Unplug that sucker, and ring up my purchase already.
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