After 23 Years White House Removes Street Fighter II Machine

street fighter iiArcade classic to be removed from the White House and replaced with a DDR Machine.

Washington D.C. – It was installed in April of 1992 – an original Street Fighter II arcade machine.  It’s purpose?  To amuse the teenagers of the 1990’s who were uninterested in touring the President’s mansion.

The Gaming Free Press reached out to Ann Rebux, a former White House maid who had this to say:

“The machine was very popular for a better part of the 1990’s.  In the beginning the machine would take in a few hundred dollars a day, but over time the take shrunk and shrunk.  Kids started acting out, I think they were bored, think they wanted something new, maybe a Mortal Kombat machine, or a Lethal Enforcers.”

Installed under President Bush’s administration the game cost fifty cents a play and the secret service would make change for parents and kids alike.  There was no objection from any of the presidents.

“I think after Bush senior all of the other presidents thought it belonged in the White House.  The staff took such great care of the machine it always looked brand new.”

President Bill Clinton is the only known president to have used the machine after a photo surfaced from his William J Clinton Presidential Library in Little Rock Arkansas.  Sometime around 2004 or 2005 the game was set to ‘Free Play’ under President George W. Bush’s Economic Stimulus Package.

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