ASU Professor: Call of Duty: WWII Is Homophobic Lacks Transgender Characters

Civil Rights Professor Declares Call Of Duty: WWII A Symbol Of Homophobia

Berkeley California – Civil Rights Professor Judy Harper from Arroyo State University is back at it again.  After laying down a savage burn that Cuphead was “racist” and owning the game constituted a “hate crime” she has now turned her attention to Activision’s Call of Duty: WWII.

At an impromptu rally at a Berkeley GameStop, a crowd of about 30 people picketed the retailer, while Judy Harper let the group with a chant stating: “It’s your duty – to stop the hate!”

The following statement was provided to the Gaming Free Press from Harper’s office:

“In a world where Trump has tried to ban transgendered people from joining the military it does not help the cause to release this atrocious hate filled game that purposefully ignores transgendered characters.  It’s disgusting, and it should be a hate crime.”

The game which takes place during World War II is considered by some to represent the era of the 1940’s very well despite the historical accuracy of little to no acceptance of transgendered people during that period of American history.  When this was pointed out to Professor Harper she stated that “[It] doesn’t matter.  There was hate then, so why include it in a video game from today?”

Editor’s Note: This story is developing.  Come back here for more updates from The Gaming Free Press.

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