Banned TwinGalaxies Participant Rudy J. Ferretti Issues Statement

Self Proclaimed Console Gamer Of The Century Issues Statement On His Departure From TwinGalaxies

Video game world record holder and competitive gaming advocate Rudy J. Ferretti has issued a statement to The Gaming Free Press regarding his recent departure from video game high score curating site TwinGalaxies.

Note: the following statement belongs to Rudy J. Ferretti and it’s publishing here on the Gaming Free Press is a courtesy, and not an endorsement of any one person or entity.

To the Competitive Gaming Community,

Now that you think the dust is settling in my recent ‘paper’ ban from TwinGalaxies, I felt you deserved to know a few facts that probably alludes you.

Despite what most people think, TwinGalaxies isn’t about scorekeeping. It never has been. There is absolutely no revenue to be generated from collecting and adjudicating scores, for if there were, the organization would not have changed hands as often as it had, and further, if financially solvent, it would be an economic powerhouse today. But it’s very clear that it’s not. For evidence, look at the broken portions of the site, the arbitrary events, and fundraising events like #Right2Game.

The problem with every incarnation of TwinGalaxies is that the owners, chairmen, or whomever thinks they run the site fail to realize that the organization is supposed to be about the competitive gaming community. Period. In the latest incarnation of TwinGalaxies they’ve made a half-hearted effort to promote the community through their forums. The forums have become an integral part of the site, and rightfully so. It’s a simple way to give the community a voice, to foster conversations about competitive gaming, and perhaps best of all to have the community adjudicate the scores, versus having representatives do the work.

So how do you monetize an organization which is supposed to be about a community? By sticking it to the community of course. Serving ads, asking for donations, selling inflated merchandise are all ways to do it. But what happens when people use adblock, or the ads break a site? What happens if you keep asking for donations over and over? What happens when people have purchased all the merchandise they want? There are a couple simple solutions. You can find more people to participate in the community, for example, or you can sell access to the site. These are all methods that are not economically sustainable.

The world has changed. Dramatic reality television dominates the entertainment industry, and I suspect those people who claim to be fed up about “the TwinGalaxies’ drama” would probably lie about other things as well. My contribution to the TwinGalaxies has come from my participation in the forums and is undeniably legendary. I’ve been called all sorts of vile names, and have spat plenty of my own venom as well. But my posts have engaged the community and raised awareness in ways that TwinGalxies couldn’t afford to even pay for. There are plenty of competitive gaming websites, but many people came to TwinGalaxies for the Rudy J. Ferretti show.

Now that I’ve left (due to a ‘paper’ ban I assure you,) TwinGalaxies will take a substantial hit in traffic and participation, and I will move the Rudy J. Ferretti show someplace else. They are mistaken to think that my departure will suddenly provide them credibility or even a profitable audience. If anything, it will have the opposite effect. Remember, I advocate for the competitive gaming community and not an organization that pulls publicity stunts to draw views. The waves I made were for the community.

Just like my previous ban, TwinGalaxies will eventually realize that controversy equals traffic, and without traffic there is no revenue, no matter how spammy it might be. For those who still hold out hope for a balanced, non-collusive, and fair TwinGalaxies like I have for over a decade are just going to have to wait longer. Don’t be afraid to share your concerns, and #makegaminggreatagain

Your brother in competitive spirit,
Rudy J. Ferretti

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