Black Lives Matter Protesters Go After Nintendo

pokemon“The Lack Of African American Characters In The Super Mario Universe Is Disturbing”

Black Lives Matter Protesters are planning to protest at the Nintendo World Store in New York City over the lack of African American characters in the Super Mario Bros. video games.  The activist group, sometimes labeled as BLM has grown to prominence in recent years after protesting the violence and death of several African American men at the hands of police officers.

This isn’t the first time the protesters have targeted a retail establishment.  On December 23rd they organized at the Mall of America before moving the protest to the airport.  Several presidential candidate rallies have also been disrupted by protesters.

This isn’t the first time Nintendo has been protested by a prominent group as PETA has also targeted the video game developer as well.

Nintendo has yet to acknowledge the Black Lives Protest, but the Gaming Free Press will continue to reach out to them for comment.

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