BOOK REVIEW Mark Bussler’s (Classic Game Room) UNSUBSCRIBED!

Mark’s New Book Is Probably The Only Honest One Written About The Perils Of Content Creation

Some of you may have noticed that The Gaming Free Press has decreased the number of posts it makes.  If you’re wondering why, look no further than Mark Bussler’s new book UNSUBSCRIBED! (

Anyone who has ever watched a Classic Game Room video knows that Mark is a talented videographer.  The quality of his videos, both in content and production value has only increased over the past decade.  Then one day with a huge subscriber base, Mark essentially walked away from Youtube.  The Classic Game Room channel got re-branded and a couple of videos, unrelated to classic gaming got posted.  After a decade, Mark has become an expert on many things related to content creation.  In some ways, you can say he’s a prophet.

Anyone who is a content creator and distributes their wares on the internet is going to find value in this book.  Mark explains, in very easy to understand detail, why free distribution shackles you to a bunch of nonsense that no sane person needs in their life.  He explains how social media companies tell you what to watch and what to read, and how the internet has killed the value in purchasing media.  In short, this book will help any content creator diversify regardless if they create video, art, music, or more.  It explains ways to turn things around, and provides a different perspective on social media’s role in your content distribution.

In short, Mark explains that you’re more valuable than what your subscriber counts and likes are, and he provides ways you can capitalize on your talents without giving the farm away for free.  Buy this book.  Actually, buy two copies.  Because if you care about the content you create, and you believe it has value, you’re going to highlight, make notes, and dog ear pages through out the book.

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