Breast Falls Out Of Top During Twitch Stream – Sets Viewership Record

twitchA new world record for viewership on a Twitch stream was achieved this past Monday, thanks in part to a wardrobe malfunction that went unnoticed by the streamer for almost three hours.

Kellyanne San Dimas started streaming Counter-Strike Monday evening to an audience of about 17 people.  About twenty minutes into the stream her left breast spilled out of her tube-top for her viewer’s pleasure.  Kellyanne, who uses a split screen set up and wasn’t paying attention to the chat panel, and was oblivious to the wardrobe malfunction.

“She was so absorbed into the game,” explains frequent Twitch viewer HotDog420, “that she hadn’t noticed that she was showing us the goods.”

Within fifteen minutes her viewer count reached more than a thousand as followers and fans started sharing the unique opportunity on Facebook and Twitter.  By the end of the first hour more than 40,000 viewers had tuned in.  By the end of the second hour it was estimated that more than 250,000 took a minute to catch a glimpse of the nip split.

Twitch has strict rules about streamers and nudity and it was believed their engineers suspected something was aloof as thousands of viewers and streamers started complaining about connectivity.

Kellyanne San Dimas has not returned our request for comment.

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