Burger King XBox Games Are Now Worth Thousands

Awful Burger King Games Go From Bargain Bin To Collectible Over Night

In one of the more ridiculous promotions ever seen in video gaming, Burger King partnered with Microsoft’s Xbox to release a series of video games featuring the King Mascot from the popular burger chain.  The games were cheaply made and down right awful, which is what most customers expected.  After about twenty minutes the novelty of these games wore off and they were left to collect dust, or traded in for pennies at GameStop.

Now previous Burger King game owners are kicking themselves as the games have increased in value more than 1000-fold.  Gary Du Fries, owner of “Cheap Games” in Provo Utah told the Gaming Free Press that he has had hundreds of customers leave disappointed as the last 60 or 70 copies he had of the Burger King games sold in a matter of minutes.

Do you still have copies of these awful games?  If so, let us know in the comments!

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