Capcom To Announce Street Fighter V Launch Delayed

street fighter v delayedCapcom Expected To Announce A Two Week Delay To The Popular Franchise On Monday

Fighting game enthusiasts from around the world are going to have to wait a little bit longer as Capcom is believed to announce a delay to the highly anticipated Street Fighter V game.

“Originally scheduled and hyped to be released on Tuesday February 16th, Street Fighter V will be delayed two weeks and will be released at midnight on March 1st” reads a draft of a press released provided to the Gaming Free Press.

The press release explains that Capcom has misjudged the enthusiasm for the game and online servers are currently having a difficult time stay current with beta users, much less the strain that will be placed on them once the game is released.

Other game publishers have routinely released games prematurely creating a horrific experience on launch day as day-one updates go uncompleted and online servers get knocked offline from the bandwidth.  Expect an official statement on Monday February 15th.

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