Celebrities Hold Smash Tournament To Benefit… Themselves

Several Hollywood A-Listers Plan To Use Super Smash Bros. To Raise Money For Themselves

Hollywood CA. – Elitist celebrities are planning the largest Super Smash Bros. tournament ever to raise money for themselves.  In a leaked lease agreement with the Staples Center, a non-profit organization called “Fun Free Funds” will host a week long event where movie, television, sports, and music industry celebrities will compete against one another in front of a live audience.

While it’s unknown who will actually participate it is rumored that George Clooney, Cher, Matt Damon, Beyonce, Rhianna, the Kardashians, Drake, John Cena, Adelle, Labron James, Mark Wahlberg, David Copperfield, Ryan Seacrest, Chris Rock, Adam, Sandler, Robert Downey Jr, James Harden, and Steve Harvey have all expressed interest in participating.

The Staples Center which can hold up to 20,000 fans may prove to be the perfect venue for such a star studded event.  Tickets will likely sell from anywhere from $75 to $5000 per seat.  In addition to the event itself there will likely be before and after parties, a red carpet ceremony, and a politically charged speech by Michael Moore kicking off the games.

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