Child Is Bullied And Humilated After Receiving NES Classic For Birthday

9 Year Old’s Birthday Party Ruined After Parents Give Him An NES Classic

Greensboro N.C. – Tobey, a recently turned 9-year-old was celebrating his birthday with 12 other children at a local Chuck E Cheese when his party suddenly turned into chaos.

The young boy received a variety of gifts including Legos, Nerf Guns and R.C. cars, but Tobey’s parents decided to save what they thought was the best gift for last: a NES Classic Edition game console.

The rare console released last year was sold in limited quantities much to the chagrin of the retro gaming public.  As more and more consoles were bought to be flipped for as much as $500, the supply completely dried up leaving many people high and dry and console-less.

Tobey immediately ripped the wrapping paper off his NES Classic Edition but before he even realized what he was looking at the parents of the other children started yelling at and ridiculing Tobey.

“I was scared for my life,” explained Tobey on a Skype call with the offices of the Gaming Free Press.  “I think they wanted to hurt me.”

Allegedly one parent yelled out “People like you make me sick!” and another accused Tobey’s mom of earning the console through working a second job as an escort.

Tobey’s parents were equally shocked telling the Gaming Free Press “Everyone [we] invited to the party were friends from church.  We don’t understand their behavior.”

The incident doesn’t seem to bother Tobey’s father who stated “That birthday gift marked the 13th NES Classic Edition game console we bought our son.  We bought 20 of them when they were first released, and we like to give them to him during different events, especially in front of his friends.  It makes him a very popular boy at school.”

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