Chun-Li Kneels In Front Of Flag Sparking White House Condemnation

Popular Street Fighter Character Takes A Knee In Front Of Flag While Spectators Respectfully Stand

San Francisco, California – On a filthy dock overlooking the Pacific Ocean a woman believed to be of Chinese descent decided to take a knee while Old Glory flapped in the wind behind her. Spectators on a boat quickly rose to their feet to show respect to America’s flag, although most turned to their back to it while gesturing wildly at the spectacle unfolding in front of them. A keen observer snapped a photo of the disrespect and it quickly circulated the internet before it came to the attention of the White House.

An intern, acting on the condition of anonymity stated that the U.S. Secret Service identified the woman as Chun-Li who was visiting America on an expired visa, possibly to buy real estate or avenge her father’s death.

The President allegedly stated “The Chinese have been manipulating their currency for decades, but this is the final straw! Get that Chong Lee out of here! GET HER OUT OF HERE!”

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