Classic Game Room 2085 Is The Best CGR Yet

Classic Game Room Reinvents Itself Again, Finds A New Home On Amazon Prime.

If you need a reason to renew your Amazon Prime membership look no further than Classic Game Room 2085.

The show’s host, Mark Bussler, explains in the first episode that the Intergalactic Space Arcade has been sent into the future through a worm hole.  In 2084 Classic Game Room defended the earth from robots, aliens, and space bees, and now finds itself as the most popular and longest running review show in history in 2085.

SEGA Fanboy Mark eventually reviews CastleVania Bloodlines for SEGA Genesis, explains the greatness that is SEGA Genesis, and weaves through the long (42 minutes) episode with the usual Classic Game Room humor.  The longer formatted episode is a refreshing take on the show’s usual formula and promises some great things in the future.  Watch this episode and newer ones here:

The first episode became available on Sunday February 22nd, and the second on Monday March 1st, but its uncertain at this points if new episodes will appear at random, or if CGR will have new episodes regularly.  All hail Lord Karnage!


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