Court Rules: Calling Someone A Noob Is Hate Speech

troll guyA California Court rules in favor of plaintiff, awards them $1.2 million for being a victim of hate speech.

Natalie Moreno already works two jobs, and may consider getting a third after her 15 year old son trolled another player on Call of Duty by repeatedly calling them “noob.”  The victim of the hate speech is 38 year old Tony Kline who filed a civil lawsuit against Natalie after being treated for post traumatic stress disorder brought on by being called “noob” by her son while playing Call of Duty Black Ops: II.

“The word ‘noob’ is disgusting,” explains Tony who left a message at our offices here at the Gaming Free Press.  “The word is a vicious attack on my sensibilities, and is just as bad as the word retarted.”

Natalie and her lawyers plan to appeal the decision.


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