ASU Professor: Cuphead Is Racist. Playing It Is A Hate Crime

Civil Rights Professor Declares Popular Video Game “Cuphead” A Typical Symbol Of Racism

Berkeley California – Judy Harper, a civil rights professor at Arroyo State University took to Twitter to blast gamers who recently picked up a copy of the video game Cuphead for the Xbox One stating that they’ve committed a “hate crime” by purchasing the game:

Cuphead is an abomination to people of color.  Cuphead is white, so is Mugman, and they bet their souls to a BLACK DEVIL.  Purchasing this game is a hate crime.  Playing the game is the equivalent of genocide.

The game which was released this past Friday is considered by many to be a work of art.  Designed in the style of a 1930’s cartoon the game looks like nothing that has been released before it.  While most reviews have been positive, Professor Harper’s citation that Cuphead is “a typical symbol of racism” has been disputed by many gamers.

This isn’t the first time Professor Harper has called out a video game, or its manufacturer for racism.  In 2014 she declared the Super Mario Bros. franchise racist for not featuring African American protagonists in any of the games and attempted to organize protests against Nintendo World in New York City to spread her message.

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Editors Note: Headline updated to reflect Arroyo State University

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