Escaped New York Prisoners Spotted At Local Game Store

new york prisonersEscaped prisoners David Sweat and Richard Matt were believed to be spotted at a local game store.

It has been two weeks since David Sweat and Richard Matt’s escaped from a maximum security prison in New York.  And while investigators appear no closer to capturing the fugitives it is believed that they have been spotted at a local retro game store.  Dork’s Refuge located on Magnolia and Village Avenue was having a Smash Bros. tournament when two disheveled men casually entered the establishment and struck up conversations with the participants.

“Those two dudes were cool,” explains Joya Johns the owner of Dork’s Refuge.  “The one guy was killer with Mario, and the other was pretty good with Jigglypuff.”

It wasn’t until hours later that the participants realized that they were playing with two escaped fugitives and decided to call the police.

The Gaming Free Press will continue to follow this story…

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