Fidel Castro Achieved Perfect Pac-man Score Years Before Billy Mitchell

fidel castroCuban Dictator Perfected Pac-Man Two Years Prior To Billy Mitchell’s Accomplishment

As reporters flocked to the island for the August 14th reopening of the U.S. embassy om Havana, they were shocked to discover a brass statue of Fidel Castro with an inscription at the base stating: “On March 3rd, 1997 President Fidel Castro Achieved The World’s First Perfect Pac-man game.”

Billy Mitchell has often been recognized as the first to publicly achieve a perfect Pac-man game which was accomplished at Funspot on July 3rd 1999.  But because of the severed relationship between the United States and Cuba it went unnoticed by the world’s press.

Locals in Havana claim to remember the accomplishment very clearly indicating that there once was an arcade across the street from the abandoned embassy building.  It burned down in a fire in 2003.

It is unknown if there is any footage of the perfect game but Castro is well known to be an active retro gamer with a dedicated 2000 square foot room in his presidential palace serving as a game and rumpus room.

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