Gamers Day Of Protest Planned

Over 100 Million Gamers Expected To Participate In Day Of Protest

Mark your calendars because March 8th is a National Day Of Protest For Gamers.  For 24 hours gamers are being asked to play video games or participate in video game related activities like observing esports.  This is to protest the perceived lack of interest in gamers being demonstrated by the Trump administration, and also to combat police apathy towards gamers, and to call attention to gender ambiguity in puzzle games.

“We really think we can make a difference,” said Susan Light of the Video Game Perseverance Society – a non profit organization that provides video games to the poor and unemployed.  “The nationwide protests against Trump, cops, and men are really making a difference so we need to strike while the iron is hot.”

While its unknown what kind of difference protesting gamers can make, one thing is likely certain: the PlayStation Network and Xbox live will likely go down on March 8th.

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