GFP Staffers Victimized By An Anti-Semite

Employees of this publication, the Gaming Free Press, have been increasingly receiving threats by self proclaimed anti-Semites who believe this publication to be owned -in their words “by the Jews.”  It seems that our recent parody story about a cancelled Confederate Army themed Assassin’s Creed game was enough to push some individuals to act on these threats.  While we cannot divulge the specifics of the most recent threats we can tell you that no one has been seriously injured in that incident.

The GFP is a free enterprise supported by, and operated by a variety of people and genders with rich and diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.  The GFP’s stance remains that the majority of (but not all) “real” video game related journalists and media outlets are a joke and we will continue to celebrate that joke with preposterous stories of our own that are obviously fictitious to even the most narrow minded racist, homophobe, or misogynist.

The GFP will continue to escalate threats and inferences against our team to law enforcement officials no matter how small so that they can keep a pulse on potentially violent suspects who might attempt a Charlie Hebdo like attack against the GFP.

Thank you for your support.

~The GFP

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