Have A Gaming Tattoo? Gamestop May Give You 20% Off

gamestop-logoNational game retailer Gamestop rumored to be offering 20% discounts on purchases if you have a video game themed tattoo.

An unusual report is coming out of Florida where several gamers have reported that Gamestop gives their customers a 20% discount on all purchases whether new or used if the patron has a video game themed tattoo.  If true this means you can have discounts as much as $60 towards a PS4 or Xbox one.

The Gaming Free Press contacted several different Gamestop stores and none would confirm or deny policy.  But several gaming forums have photographs of Gamestop receipts with a “20% Gamer Ink” discount applied to them.

Until Gamestop acknowledges the policy it doesn’t hurt to wave your girlfriend’s Yoshi tramp stamp infront of the clerk to see what discounts you might receive.

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