Is Twitch Beta Testing A Protest Channel?

Streaming Service Would Allow You To Participate In Protests From The Comfort Of Your Parent’s Basement

Rumors are pouring out of California that the popular video game streaming service Twitch will soon have a “Protest” channel.  Twitch has in recent years adapted to the wants and needs of their consumers by including a Social Eating category and a Creative category.  Now the streaming giant which was acquired by Amazon may soon support a “Protest” channel.

“I think its a great idea,” says Schezwan1995, “I’d love to participate in these nationwide protests, but it costs money to travel and I don’t like to sweat.”

It would appear that Schezwan1995 shares the sentiments of many young people who don’t have the energy, time, or money to participate in the many different protests happening in the United States including Black Lives Matter, AntiFa, a Day Without An Immigrant, and more.  But having streaming channels dedicated to the various protests will allow an even larger audience to participate in the protests remotely.

It’s believed that streamers who want to broadcast a protest will be able to do so through the Twitch app.  Viewers will be able to participate in the chat channels by typing out chants, taunting the police, and talking about the appearances of counter protesters.

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