It’s Official: PlayStation VR PSVR Is Dead In The Water

Gamers Hold Funeral For The Virtual Reality Accessory That Never Caught On

Kyle and Mona Dautrieve of Houston Texas held an official memorial for their PlayStation VR headset this past weekend after giving up hope after four months of waiting.  The young couple received the headset as a Christmas gift along with two games as a gift to themselves, but as fate would have it, they would never get a chance to enjoy it.

“It was dead in the water before we even opened it.” explains Kyle over a Skype call with the staff of The Gaming Free Press.  “We bought the headset at Best Buy, but on the way home we were caught in the downpour, then we got stuck in the flooding.”

The flooding Kyle refers to was from historic rainfall that punished Texas this past December.  While Kyle and Mona recognize that many homes, families, and businesses were victimized in the stormy weather, they too feel they suffered a major loss.  As Kyle explained:

“We put the Best Buy bag in the bed of my truck and as I approached a flooded street the truck started to fill with water.  Before I knew it, the Best Buy bag with our new PSVR headset was floating away.”

In an act of heroism Kyle crawled out of the flooded truck and against rising flood waters swam over 80 yards to rescue the headset.  When they finally got home they realized the headset had become completely submerged.

“We had the headset packed in rice for four months, and we checked it out periodically hoping the rice would dry the unit out, but it simply wasn’t meant to be.”

Kyle and Mona held a funeral for their drowned PSVR headset, and vouched to never try Virtual Reality ever again.  As Mona told us:

“Real reality is a terrible bitch, so why even bother with virtual?”

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