Kill Cecil Game Expected To Set Download Records

kill cecilNew App Promises Lion Killing Experience Like None Other

Naproxen Sodium Software (NSS), a small game publisher out of Atlanta Georgia is making waves as they put the finishing touches on their new mobile game: Kill Cecil: Hipster Animal Hunter

The app which is expected to be released on the Apple App Store and Google Play on August 25th allows players an “authentic” lion hunting experience.  An early draft of NSS’s press release described the following:

“First select your profession from Dentist, Plastic Surgeon, Teacher, Politician or DJ, then select from a variety of weapons including: a hand gun, a shot gun, a sniper rifle, hand grenades, or a bazooka.  For a more visceral experience you can hunt your prey with brass knuckles, chainsaws or a barbed wire covered baseball bat.

Next select the environment including savanna, jungle, or forest, or for a unique blood bath experience you can even select from urban environments including a traditional zoo, a petting zoo, exotic pet-store, and animal sanctuary.

Then let the hunt begin!  Kills earn tokens to buy a variety of virtual hipster items including no-fat lattes and mustache wax.”

Other features include the ability for gamers to link to other players from anywhere in the world and kill their prey together earning trophies that will unlock more professions, weapons, environments and prey.

The Gaming Free Press asked Naproxen Sodium Software if they thought naming their game after the recently killed lion by a dentist was a smart moved and they replied “absolutely.”

As mentioned earlier look for Kill Cecil: Hipster Animal Hunter on mobile devices starting on August 25th.


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