Konami: Contra Maker Is A Real Thing

Konami is busy making Contra Maker for WiiU

Konami is busy making Contra Maker for WiiU

E3 attendees were blindsided Wednesday morning as Konami announced that they were creating “Contra Maker” for WiiU.

Nintendo has made a huge splash with their Super Mario Maker which was been teased for months leading up to E3 and featured heavily during the Nintendo World Championships this last Sunday. That game is already available for pre-order at a variety of outlets including Target, but now it seems that another “maker” game will find its way into homes soon.

The spirit of Mario Maker (now called SUPER Mario Maker) was the creation of your own Super Mario Bros. levels along with new tricks and features enhancing the experience.  The positive response for the game has been so big that Konami has been lured into creating a similar title featuring their 1988 classic: Contra.

Konami has angered many fans recently after perceived mistreatment of their Metal Gear creator, and the cancellation of a couple high-profile projects.  Konami had made the decision to shift it’s focus to mobile gaming, but with their intellectual property still being worth millions, and fans desperately wanting to see Konami stay afloat it makes sense that Konami would capitalize on this opportunity.

Although Konami wasn’t able to produce game play or even screen shots of Contra Maker, they alluded that the layout would be similiar to that of Super Mario Maker where by players can design levels, and position enemies and power-ups.  The original game which was favored for its cooperative play and Contra Maker is promised to have online capabilities with up to 32 on screen players trying to kill each other and collect power ups all at once.

Expect a 2016 release date for Contra Maker.

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