Lawyer: Call of Duty Players Deserve Veteran Benefits

Class Action Lawsuit Contends That Call of Duty Players Deserve Veteran Benefits And Perks

While most Americans are celebrating Veteran’s Day with parades, ceremonies and sales, a California law firm believes that Call of Duty gamers should receive the same recognition, benefits, and perks that America’s heroes deserve.

“It’s quite simple,” explains Torrey John Ray, a lawyer with the firm Raley, Burns, and Ray, “gamers who play Call of Duty experience much of the same post-traumatic-stress-disorders that soldiers in combat experience.  Further, a Call of Duty gamer is 3 times more likely to enlist in the armed forces than say a GTAV player.”

Veterans of families of veterans were shocked to learn of the lawsuit, but many are not surprised.  PFC. John Smith [not his real name] told the Gaming Free Press: “People are always trying to take advantage of the uniform.  This is just another example of this.”

While its unknown to what length the class action lawsuit will reach, it already identifies the Department of Veteran Affairs as a defendant.  Some of the damages allege inaccessibility to VA benefits including home loans, medical care, and other mental health services.  Perhaps the most shocking of the alleged damages is the inability to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

The Gaming Free Press will continue to follow this story.

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