Man Suffers Through Stroke During Twitch Stream

minecraft card

An Ohio man is recovering in the hospital after his Tuesday night stream of Minecraft is unexpectantly interrupted with a stroke.

Tony Dedsi now has a massive following on Twitch after his Tueday night stream of Minecraft ended with paramedics wheeling the gamer out of his basement on a gurney. The 32 year old was streaming Minecraft gameplay when suddenly he just “froze”.

“At first I thought the stream was having difficulties,” explains one of Tony’s followers who goes by the alias DangGurl420. “But he was frozen for several minutes. Then I noticed sudsy drool oozing from the corner of his mouth.”

Danggurl420 and approximately fifteen other viewers watched for more than an hour as Tony stared glassy eyed at his webcam.

It wasn’t until Tony’s mom needed to use the washing machine that she made the gruesome discovery.

“Normally I just let Tony play and try not to interrupt”, explains mother Linda Dedsi, “but I smelled something organic, and very earthy. It turns out Tony crapped himself.”

Tony was taken to Ohio Memorial Hospital where he remains under observation.

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