Man Loses Two Rare Amiibos – In His Rectum!

gamingfreepress amiibo xrayMan is rushed to local hospital to remove two rare Nintendo Amiibos from his rectum and intestines.

Dr. Linda Tahoe-Khulami is believed to be in possession of two of the rarest Amiibos: Wii Fit Trainer and Villager after a patient was rushed by ambulance to University Medical Center in Las Vegas this past Wednesday.  Witnesses describe a 22 year old male patient screaming and clutching at his abdomen as admitting nurses and EMTs wheeled him in for emergency surgery.

A pelvic x-ray obtained by the Gaming Free Press appears to show the silhouettes of the rare Amiibos lodged hard within yjr colon.

“The extended arm of the Wii Fit Trainer is clearly visible,” explained an x-ray technician who asked for anonymity due to breaking patient confidentiality rules.  “It is likely that the sharp angles of the toy, in particular the hand has perforated the rectum.”

It is uncertain why the toys were inserted into the rectum in the first place.  Calls to UMC and to Dr. Tahoe-Khulami were not returned, but it is believed that she was the surgeon on duty Wednesday night.

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