Man Robbed After Trading Gun For PS4

gunA Phoenix resident regrets trading gun for a PS4 after getting robbed for it in a parking lot.

Several hundred people participated in a guns for game consoles program in Phoenix Tuesday afternoon.  The event is held twice a year by local police.  The no-questions-asked policy allows anyone of any age to trade in a hand gun in exchange for a brand new video game console.  Omar Jenkins, decided to trade in a pistol his cousin gave him.

“I used to carry the pistol around all the time.  You can never be too careful”, explained Omar.

After meeting with officers and given the option between a PlayStation 4, and an Xbox One, Omar decided to go with the PlayStation 4.

Omar told officers: “I am a big fan of Grand Theft Auto V.  And I think the game looks better on the PS4.”

But in a twist of fate Omar would not be virtually killing and robbing people that night.  Instead, he would become a victim while walking back to his car.

“He took the shot gun and shoved it into my face,” explained Omar.  “He demanded I hand over my PS4, and I had no choice.  I didn’t know his name, I never saw him before.  If I had my gun still I would have shot him in the throat.  But now I have no gun, and no PS4.”

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