Massive Statue Honoring Nolan Bushnell In The Works

Atari Founder To Be Immortalized In 60 Foot Tall Bronze Statue

Sunnyvale California – The Sunnyvale Preservation Society announced today that the are now accepting designs for an eventual casting of a statue to honor the great Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari. Recently, the Game Developers Conference retracted their Pioneer Award which was to be awarded to Bushnell, after hyped allegations of impropriety with female employees from forty years ago. This spurned an impotent #notnolan backlash on social media which urged the GDC to reconsider the award. Unlike other famous men who have been accused of similar deeds, Bushnell was quick to issue a statement accepting GDC’s retraction.

Bushnell, who has always been considered a ladies’ man has always been forth coming and honest about office antics at Atari. The inclusive environment has spurned former female employees to speak up and essentially call the allegations as B.S.

A press release from the SPS stated: “The Sunnyvale Preservation Society has decided to erect the statue in honor a great entrepreneur, and an even better man. Nolan Bushnell has contributed more to society than Mother Theresa.”

A plaque at the bottom of the statue will read: “To The Honor And Glory Of Great Men Everywhere, Nolan Bushnell, For The Men Aspire To Be Him, And The Women Who Wanted To Be With Him.”

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