Millions Call Out Sick To Work After Classic Game Room Announcement

emergency roomClassic Game Room Changes Sickens Millions Resulting In Three Day Weekend For Many

Fans of the original video game review show were disappointed Thursday evening after the latest CGR Q&A video re-emphasized major changes coming to the brand and are using it as a reason to miss work. The Lord Karnage channel which sported more than 400,000 followers and gathered more than 430 million views was a well respected outlet for reviews of classic and current video games.

Where as many video game review channels were either corporate sponsored or focused on vulgar and hate filled complaints about retro video games, CGR was more focused on humor and audience engagement. And while the brand is not disappearing entirely (merely returning to its roots) fans cannot help but feel ill. However some fans will find solace in the announcement of a new web comic project by CGR host Mark called

The full CGR Q&A can be found below:

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