N64 Tacobell Pogs Worth THOUSANDS

taco bell n64 pogBack in 1997 Nintendo teamed up with Taco Bell with a cross promotion for the Nintendo 64.  Essentially large drink purchases came with a pog and a number value.  If your collection of pogs added up to 64 you would win.  There were some instant winner pogs like the one shown here.

If you remember this promotion, or better yet kept the pogs from that promotion you might be sitting on a large pile of money.  In recent years these pogs have been selling for thousands on the open market.  Their value has increased so much that several piracy rings in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China have recently started printing less than perfect knock offs.

Although the pogs vary in value depending on the condition and the character on them, it seems the Fox McCloud pog is worth the most with a mint milk cap going for as much as $1,700.

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