New Kickstarter Claims 3D Printing Of Rare Games Is Possible

stadium eventsTwo men from Washington State are claiming on their Kickstarter page that the have developed a way to 3D print rare Nintendo games.

All you need to do is load in a rom file of the game you want,” explains Xavier Santa De Gomez, “and a high resolution scan of the label and our 3D printer will make a copy so perfect that not even Nintendo would be able to tell the difference.”

Xavier and his brother Javier claim to have been perfecting the technique over the past five years:

There is more to this than just printing a plastic cartridge case.  Our 3D printer is loaded with copper, silicon, and other materials used to print the board.  The only thing it won’t print is the screws.

3D printing has come along way in the past decade and the technology has reached a point that chocolateers can now make sugary sculptures and several medical research labs are exploring the ways to make 3D printed organs.

To get Xavier and Javier’s project funded they will need to raise $5,670,800.  As of this writing they are at $327 with 13 days left to go.

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