Nintendo Forced To Remove Martin Luther King Mystery Mushroom

martin luther king maker“I Have A Dream” Course, and Dr. Martin Luther King Mystery Mushroom No Longer Available In Super Mario Maker

Late last year we reported on a Black Lives Matter protest being planned at the Nintendo World store in New York City.  The protesters wanted to call out Nintendo’s alleged lack of diversity in their Super Mario games.  While Nintendo did not specifically address the attempted protest, they did attempt to heal the community by releasing a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. themed Super Mario Maker course, which if completed, earned you a Martin Luther King mystery mushroom.  By obtaining the mushroom the level colors would change to high contrast black and white, similar to that of the recorded Martin Luther King speeches.

The course was available this morning for only about 90 minutes before being pulled.  Nintendo has not made an official comment on the course, or why it has been pulled.

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