Nintendo To Partner With Universal – Sequel To The Wizard Is Coming

Universal1It was announced today that Nintendo has entered a partnership with Universal to have Nintendo themed rides and attractions at their popular theme parks.  There is believed to be another behind the scenes partnership between Nintendo and Universal: A sequel to the popular movie “The Wizard”.

Released in 1989, the The Wizard was essentially a 90 minute commercial for Nintendo.  The story follows a video game prodigy who escapes an institution to visit California to finish grieving over his dead sister.  Meanwhile his older brother wants the prodigy to participate in a Nintendo tournament aptly called Video Armageddon.  The movie is most memorable for the ending that featured scenes from Super Mario Bros. 3 which was not released in the United States yet.

The sequel is believed to be a continuation of the original story, but still taking place around 1989 – 1990.

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