North Korea Cancels Guam Attack After Leader Receives Nintendo Switch

Nuclear War Averted After North Korea Receives First Shipments Of Nintendo Switch

Pyongyang North Korea – The world let out a collective sigh of relief after North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced that he is no longer interested in attacking Guam after receiving a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo’s new coveted home console/portable hybrid game system has been difficult to find  months after its release.  Many stores in Japan and the United States have experienced long lines of hopeful consumers waiting to purchase the popular game system.  It is now believed that the console shortage is not related to manufacturing or shipping delays but to the routing of all Nintendo Switch stock to the reclusive North Korea.

Japan, where Nintendo’s main offices are located, have repeatedly been threatened by the Democratic People Republic of Korea whose recent missile tests have landed within a few hundred miles of Japan.  A Japanese Government office who requested anonymity stated that “we [Japan] have requested Nintendo to send all of their Switch stock to North Korea as a good faith offer to avoid further missile tests in the vicinity of Japan.”

While its unknown how many units were shipped to North Korea it is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands.

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