North Korea Claims To Have Found Sheng Long In Street Fighter II

sheng longNorth Korean Officials Say Sheng Long Is Real, And Only Our Gamers Can Access Him

Pyongyang – North Korea is claiming that they, and they alone have finally solved the long debunked mystery of Sheng Long in the original Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Game.

Back in 1991 as Street Fighter II’s popularity started to rise the rumors of a mystery character named Sheng Long surfaced.  While there were variations on the story, the consistent theme was that the character could only be accessed by the greatest of gamers.  Part of the rumor was due to Ryu’s victory statement of “You must defeat Sheng Long to stand a chance” – a phrase that was misunderstood to mean that Sheng Long was a person, and not one of his special moves.  Further, the April 1992 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly ran an April Fools joke complete with the specific details on how to access Sheng Long.  Unfortunately, its been widely accepted that Sheng Long never existed – until now.

North Korea state media made the announcement early Sunday morning that their elite gamers not only accessed Sheng Long, but also defeated him with double perfects.  North Korea has been known to make outlandish claims in the past including discovering a living unicorn and the invention of the hamburger.  So its unsurprising that they have yet to provide video proof of Sheng Long.

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