Now That Kentucky Governor Wants To Trade Videogames For Guns – Wait! What?

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevins Wants A Videogames-For-Guns Program

Frankfurt Kentucky – Kentucky Governor Matt Bevins, recently politicized the tragic school shooting in Florida when he went on a radio talk show trashing video games, comparing it to pornography and stating “They [videogames] celebrate the slaughtering of people.”

Now an anonymous member of his cabinet has reached out to The Gaming Free Press, and stated that Bevins wants to institute a program where video games can be traded for guns.

“If there is anything that Governor Bevins would like to see more of is guns,” explained the source. “His Videogames for Guns program will help place AR-15s in the hands of anyone who is willing to surrender an M rated game. They will receive a choice of (1) AR-15, or two (2) magazines, or thirty (30) rounds of ammunition for each game surrendered.”

While its uncertain how Kentucky will foot the bill for the video game exchange program, the source offered an explanation: “The Governor is convinced that this move will not only make the state of Kentucky safer, but it will encourage people to buy games simply to turn them in for a free gun – thus stimulating the economy.”

People who are interested in participating the Videogames for Guns program can reach out to Kentucky’s Governor’s Office¬†

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