Obama Expected To Regulate Guns In Video Games

768px-Poster-sized_portrait_of_Barack_ObamaIn the coming days President Obama is expected to take executive action against gun control laws.  Inspired by the many letters from teachers, parents, and kids, he will set in to motion actions that will reduce gun violence.  But not everyone is convinced that these actions will address only gun sellers and  buyers but will also penalize content producers of movies, television, and video games that feature guns.

“There doesn’t need to be an actual shooting for American’s to be affected by gun violence,” explained an Obama spokesperson who asked to remain anonymous.  “The plan will be to financially penalize the producers of any content that features excessive gun usage.  This will help producers and consumers think twice before indulging in violent entertainment.”

Industry insiders believe that this will not hurt game publishers who will simply pass the ‘violence tax’ on to consumers.

John Downy, from a Gamestop in Canoga Park told the Gaming Free Press to “Expect M rated games to increase almost 25%.”

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