Obama Grants Monument Status To Atari Landfill

alamogordo landfillObama: The Ecosystem Of The Alamogordo Landfill Must Be Presevered!

President Barack Obama is granting national monument status to the Alamogordo New Mexico landfill that was home to thousands of Atari cartridges for more than 30 years.  The White House says the move will maintain the upkeep of the garbage dump so future American generations can inhale the putrid dusty air and appreciate the rich history the landfill has to offer.

With less than a year left in office the President has been granting similar statuses to other land masses through out the Southwest United States.  Some of those moves were to preserve the delicate ecosystems – something the Alamogordo landfill doesn’t really offer.

A foreman at the dump told The Gaming Free Press: “We have rats.  The occasional cat or pigeon.  But that’s the only indigenous wildlife we see here.”

Retro gaming enthusiasts from all over the world have made pilgrimages to the site which some consider to be “holy”.  Greg Laboink, a waste water specialist from Ottawa spent his honeymoon there: “This is the place man, this is the place where all of those Atari games were buried.  My only regret is that we didn’t get married here, but the honeymoon will have to do for now.”

A few years ago the games were dug up and the event was turned into a documentary called Game Over.  The hole has since been filled.

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