Pastor Promises To Trade Your Homosexuality For A Nintendo Switch

Citing God’s Will –  This Alabama Man Will Give You A Nintendo Switch If You Give Up Your Gay Lifestyle

Pastor Jeremiah Von Sharp’s faith in video games is so strong, he believes it can cure homosexuality.  This past Sunday Pastor Sharp delivered a homily from the pulpit at the Alabama Church Of Straight America promising his congregation that if any of them have homosexual tendencies he would be willing to buy them a Nintendo Switch in exchange for giving those tendencies up.

“My hope is the Nintendo Switch will make them switch,” stated Pastor Sharp in an interview with the Gaming Free Press.  “Americas’ youth love video games, but some are getting passionate for ‘gay things’ – I’m just following the teachings of our lord.  Jesus would have taken one Nintendo Switch and turned it into thousands to cure the homosexuality.”

While Pastor Sharp’s acknowledges his logic doesn’t make much sense to most people, he believes it comes from a higher power.  “I used to think about being a gay myself,” he explains, “then I discovered a SEGA Genesis and I’ve been cured ever since.”

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