PlayStation Network To Start Selling Trophies

GoldSony is expected to make millions selling PSN Trophies.

The PlayStation 4 1.70 firmware update is expected to launch on Wednesday with a variety of features, but sources say a major change is coming to the PlayStation Store – specifically that gamers will be able to purchase PSN Trophies.

Trophies were introduced a few years ago on the PlayStation 3 and have since become a staple of gaming ability and credibility.  Allowing the trophies to be purchased will level the playing field and generate easy revenue for Sony.  A representative had this to say:

“Sony is finally giving people what they want – the ability to purchase Trophies.  The implications of this is staggering because Platinum can often be difficult to earn.”

But not everyone is happy with the change.  Mike Rood, a semi-professional gamer and dog groomer tweeted the following:

“Buying PSN trophies is BS.  Anyone who purchases one is a coward.”

Some analysts predict that with careful marketing and a low price point Sony is expected to makes millions in trophy revenue alone.  Microsoft’s Xbox One has a similar program as well called Achievements, but there is no word from Redmond Washington if Microsoft is considering following in Sony’s footsteps.

Although no pricing has been released yet for the trophies, gamers could expect to pay up to $5 for every Platinum per game.

The Gaming Free Press recognizes that this is a delicate issue and is asking the public to remain calm until Sony releases more information.  In the mean time share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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