Skylander’s Inspired Pokemon Game Coming To WiiU

charmanderGamers will collect vinyl Pokemon figurines to play Pokemon Worlds.

Nintendo may have caved to the demands of their Pokemon fans and is preparing to release a Skylander’s inspired Pokemon Game for WiiU.  A leaked photo is believed to show the vinyl figurines of Charmander and Bulbasaur being used on two “Portal of Power” inspired devices.

If true, Nintendo could reap huge profits from the game and could breath new life into the WiiU which continues to have disappointing sales.  Disney jumped on the Skylanders bandwagon and released their own NFC inspired game called Disney Infinity which has described as an overwhelming success.

Traditionally Nintendo reserves the Pokemon franchise to their portable game console line up with a few exceptions and appearances on their home consoles.

“This could definately tilt consumers towards Nintendo’s favor”, explains Carol Deberaux who runs a used Pokemon toy shop in El Cajon California.  “Not only would Nintendo make money from the game, but they would make money from the vinyl figurines as well.”

In recent weeks it was revealed that Nintendo could have had exclusivity on Skylanders, but chose not to.  As a result the game got released on all of the major platforms and has remained a huge success ever since.

Hopefully more details will be released in the run up to E3.

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