Sony Patents PlayStation Vape Pen Controller

playstation vape penNew Vape Pen Works With PlayStation VR And Will Be On Display At E3

It was recently revealed that Sony PlayStation had patented a glove-like controller that many have speculated will interface with PlayStation VR, but now it seems the gaming giant is taking it one step further with plans to release a vape pen controller.

The PlayStation VPC (vape pen controller) is a 9 centimeter black controller that interfaces with the PS4 wirelessly via Bluetooth.  It is believed that gamers will be able to use the device within games for a variety of functions including restoring health, utilizing as a whistle, and to simply get a nicotine fix while using the PlayStation VR.

“The PlayStation and e-cigarette demographic tightly overlaps”, explains Akido Twan, Vice President of Sunrise Vape Technologies, a Taiwan based electronics and nicotine distribution company who was recently awarded a contract to manufacture the vape pens.

The PS-VPC is expected to be demonstrated during this year’s E3 in June, and is expected to go to retail this November for $59.99, with cartridge refills available in menthol, orange, and peppermint for $9.99 a piece.

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