Sony To Bury 290000 PS3 Consoles

Console Manufacturer Takes A Page From Atari’s Playbook On E-Waste

After announcing the production end of the PlayStation 3, questions arose on what Sony planned to do with more than 290,000 unsold consoles.  Apparently the solution is to bury them similar to what Atari did in 1983.  A documentary filmed in 2013 showed the excavation of various Atari games, consoles, and accessories – many of which were still in their original packaging.

It is believed that multiple waste management companies put in bids to bury the still-factory-sealed game consoles with a company in Arizona winning the contract.  Although the burial date has not been decided a planned marketing event for the PlayStation 10 in the year 2047 is already being speculated along with an excavation of the consoles to coincide with yet again another remastering of popular PlayStation titles.

An employee of Sony Interactive Entertainment who spoke to the Gaming Free Press on the condition of anonymity provided the following statement:

“The components of the PS3 has a variety of chemicals that are poisonous to the environment.  Burying them a few meters under dirty will protect the systems for future generations to enjoy.  Sony is committed to recycling and preservation, whether its hardware, software, or simply ideas.”


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