Stephen King’s IT Game Boy Prototype Discovered

Video Game Based On The 1990 Horror Movie “IT” Discovered

San Diego California – Jeremy Marckowitz found an amazing discovery at a local Goodwill thrift store: An IT Prototype. The facts as we know it thus far:

  • Game was discovered at a San Diego Goodwill thrift store
  • The game was apparently programmed by Acclaim which released a number of media based titles for the original Game Boy
  • The title screen features the IT clown from the 1990 movie and is believed to be a Prototype as no IT game was officially released
  • The cartridge was in a plain Game Boy cartridge and the board appears to have a programmable EPROM on it
  • The game’s ROM has been successfully dumped, however, neither the cartridge or the ROM can be started with any of the buttons
  • The Gaming Free Press has reached out to prominent homebrew Game Boy programmers to provide us with analysis on the ROM.

This story is developing and more details will be provided later.

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