Stop Trusting Websites Reporting On Red Dead Redemption 2

red dead redemptionWhen It Comes To Red Dead The Gaming Media Thinks You’re All A Bunch Of Suckers

For months several Gaming Media websites, and several main stream websites have been reporting lie after lie about Red Dead Redemption 2.  In the build up to E3 there were plenty of promises about the game making an appearance.  But what those gaming media sites failed to tell you is this: ROCKSTAR DOESN’T DO E3.  They don’t have to.

So why do these sites keep reporting RDR2 is right around the corner?  CLICK BAIT BROTHER!  CLICK BAIT!  Don’t be a sucker!  Call these media sites out on their shaky reporting.  If you’ve been duped by one of these sites, link it in the comments section below.

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