Street Fighter V Class Action Lawsuit Filed

street fighter vRipped Off Street Fighter Players Hope To Recoup Their $60 After Capcom Fails To Deliver

The law firm of Gonzalez Gonzalez & Chung have filed a class action lawsuit against Capcom on behalf of several hundred gamers for what they describe as “false and misleading claims”.

The game, released earlier this month, has been selling exceptionally well despite mediocre reviews and complaints of the game being sold as incomplete and more or less broken.  While Capcom has been forthcoming with their DLC plans for Street Fighter V many gamers feel they were mislead into purchasing what some have described as a “demo”.

To further exacerbate the situation Street Fighter V servers have been been plagued with consistent outages, lags, and mysterious disconnects.

GG&C seeks unspecified damages for gamers who purchased either the PC or PS4 versions of the game.  Mailers were sent to several million player this past Friday with details on how to participate in the class action lawsuit, and what their rights are as consumers.

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